Electronic tomato sorting machines

Quality and Reliability

Our specialized staff, with more than twenty years’ experience in the field, has the technical expertise and operational experience needed to ensure quality service to every customer:
  • The immediate ordinary maintenance of the sorting machine, including:
- Thorough cleaning of the sorter at the end of the working season
- Wear and tear and functionality checks of all mechanical and hardware components
- Updating of software involved in machine operation.
- Calibration of mechanical components and all selection software.
- Final testing of all functions of the machine.

The customer is provided with a full report of the outcome of maintenance, including a detailed list of the operations performed and the results of quality tests performed by the sorter.>
  • A complete hardware analysis (both mechanical and electronic parts) of the sorter is provided free of charge in order to inform the customer whether there is a need to replace (a quote is included) parts that could limit the proper functioning of the sorting machine during the following working season.
  • We provide a free of charge specialist technical advice for the upgrading of obsolete hardware to the latest version.
For any info you can contact our customer service: pone +39 3484768015 , email service@markone.it (directly via browser: link)