Self-propelled fruit harvesters


Exclusive fruits transport system featuring center belt: dents annulled!

The configuration

Is one-of-a-kind: empty bins on the front, filling bin on the cart, and full bin behind. No trailer in tow. (Drawbar and trailer available upon request).

During harvesting

The conveyor arms are adjustable so they can be in the optimal position for operators.


Front view

Adjustable conveyor arms for harvesting and main conveyor for unloading into bin.

The spout

Of the main conveyor opens into the bin and automatically rises as it fills.


Rotating bin platform

Adjustable for different types of bin.


Front area

For quick and easy loading of empty bins.

Rear hydraulic forklift

Automatically drops off the bins once lowered to the ground.

Gentle conveyors

Designed to avoid damaging the fruit.

Detail of fruit-unloading belt

Built without interruptions to prevent the fruit from bouncing around, so it won’t be damaged.

Soft and gentle pockets to skip those intermediate steps that are instead necessary in other machines: this way, the fruit won’t bruise.

Bin with freshly harvested fruit

Set behind the machine.



  • Does not require rear trailer for empty bins
  • Empty bins are placed along the row, are collected and filled as the harvester moves forward, and dropped off behind once filled
  • Filled bins can be taken out at any time and bin change only requires 30 seconds
  • No empty bins ahead? No problem: a tractor moving in reverse can deposit all the bins still required to the end of the row
  • Unique fruit conveyor system: a single belt with tall pockets in super-soft foam carries the fruit from tree to bin, skipping those intermediate steps that are instead necessary in other machines. No more bruises!
  • AGILIS is short, narrow and compact, very easy to load on small trailers for medium-long trips
  • With 4-wheel drive, handles well in rain, hills or slippery grass.



  • Lombardini Focs 3-cylinder, diesel engine, water-cooled, 25 HP, double muffler
  •  4-wheel drive and 4-wheel independent steering
  •  Two gears: 1st gear for harvesting from 0 to 0.3 km/h, 2nd gear for trips from 0 to 5 km/h
  •  Adjustable rollers depending on bins
  •  Rear slewing bearing for proper bin filling
  •  Rear forklift to lower full bins to ground
  •  Shift empty bins from front to slewing bearing




  • Width: fully closed 140 cm/fully open 260 cm
  •  Height: 250 cm/ground-to-frame 82 cm
  •  Length: open forklift and belts 710 cm/fully closed for transport 400 cm
  •  Weight: 2,500 Kg
  •  Platforms: min. height 110 cm/max. height 160 cm



Lowered platform

Raised platform



Lifting platform structure


  • Lombardini LDW 1003 3-cylinder diesel engine, 24 HP, euro 5, water cooled
  • Hydrostatic traction on 4 wheels
  • 4 independent steering wheels, with power steering on the front wheels
  • 4 speeds: two mechanical and two hydraulic up to 13.4 km / h
  • 12 V electrical system
  • Negative disc brake
  • Predisposition for longitudinal and transversal leveling
  • Only on the AP model: automatic or manual longitudinal and transversal leveling
  • Hydraulic platform opening and closing
  • EN16952 approval



  • Width: closed 140 cm / with open platforms 240 cm
  • Height: lower platform 1.150 cm / higher platform 2.650 cm
  • Length: with forklifts 550 cm
  • Weight: 2.130 Kg
  • Platforms: 140 cm x 250 cm (other sizes on request)
  • Tires: 27x10-15.3/8 – 10/75.15.3


  • Automatic guidance (probe or ultrasonic)
  • 450 Liters air compressor with electromagnetic coupling
  • Rear differential lock
  • Towing kit